Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do indeed treat dry mouth. We can treat it with a variety of different treatment modalities. If you would like more information on how we treat dry mouth, please give us a call today!
We are in- network with Delta Dental Premier PPO, but we work with all insurances to help get coverage for our patients. We will be rolling out an in- office dental benefit plan in the near future. Please be sure to give us a call if you are unsure if your provider is in-network with us.
At this current moment, we refer the placement of the surgical implant to an oral surgeon. However, we do place the crown on the implant, and we are able to coordinate all care. Please give us a call for more information!
We do not accept medicaid at this time. However, we are in- network with Delta Dental. We will file for all other insurances as well.
We will take emergency or “after hours” appointments for our patients of record, so make sure that you establish your dental home with us, so we can serve you best!
Before we can make any price quotes, we have to do an exam to plan for the correctly coded procedure. Every procedure has an associated code, and each code has a different price attached to it.

We love working with children. We like to see them as soon as they start getting teeth, as early as 7 months old! Sometimes we have to refer your child to a pediatric dentist, but most treatment can be completed at our office! 

Why Our Clients Have

A Reason To Smile

They are a very efficient and caring staff.
Betty West
Great staff, very friendly and knowledgeable. My son had a wonderful experience at Rose Family Dentistry, highly recommended!
Kelly Foster
Great Family Dentist Atmosphere, everyone was nice and very knowledgeable and skillful with their jobs and Dr. Rose was excellent in Smoothing a filling out that had been bothering me that another dentist had put in.
Randy Conner
All the staff are friendly and professional. The service is excellent and they do their best to get you in and out quickly. I totally recommend this practice.
Joyce Maynor
Very professional, no waiting, Great cleaning with discussion concerning new needs, without pressure to fix right now. Really liked Dr. Causey and hated he retired, but grateful that he took the time to find someone to replace him that keeps his high standards.
Barbara Tapp
We’ve had very good dental experiences here at Rose Family Dentistry, as well as we did with the previous staff, Causey Family Dentistry, for many years. I do highly recommended this business! Dr. Charly Rose & staff are kind & caring. Wishing a happy retirement to the Causey’s!
Suzi Traughber
Been going here for years. Staff so friendly and accommodating. Met Dr Rose for First time and love her. Looking forward to continuing my care with the Dr. Rose since Dr causey's retirement.
Margaret McCall
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