Top 10 Things to Do in Graham, NC in 2021

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Top 10 Things to Do in Graham, NC in 2021

Graham city is a place where you can experience a taste of both worlds between natural adventure parks and notable commercial locations. It has been the county seat of Alamance County in North Carolina since the 1800s. Many residents and visitors have tons of things to do in Graham, NC, from visiting the historic downtown and enjoying the proximity to natural landscapes.

As a trusted dentist in Graham and part of its friendly community, Rose Family Dentistry would like to share the charm and refreshing outdoor activities you can try in town. After several lockdowns during the pandemic, grab the opportunity to explore new places like Graham with your family for the rest of 2021.

Best things to do in Graham, NC in 2021

Graham city is named after senator William Alexander Graham. Its grounds have been the epicenter of economic development in Alamance County and the birthplace of the first signature plaid fabric in the 1800s called Alamance plaids

Several parts of the city have been the venue of historic events like the Battle of Alamance and War of Regulation. It is also home to some notable locations in the United States, such as the Historic Linwood Cemetery. Aside from its historic charm, here are some of the best things to do in Graham, NC:

Embracing peace By J. Seward Johnson at the Alamance Arts Center in Graham

1. Appreciate different art styles at the Alamance Arts Center

Get a glimpse of the creative minds of some great artists in the Alamance Arts Center. Its current exhibit hosts the giant sculpture titled Embracing Peace by J. Seward Johnson. Check out other upcoming art exhibits and see the world differently through great art pieces. Face masks are encouraged when visiting the center.     

Graham Paddle Access

2. Enjoy a nice picnic and kayak session at the Graham Paddle Access

Haw River is a 110-mile long tributary river that runs across Graham and other cities in Alamance County. You can access one of its 14-paddle access points in Graham, where you can enjoy a serene picnic with your family or bring in your kayak for a quick paddling tour in the Haw River. 

Strawberry crepe at Press Coffee + Crepe in Graham

3. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch at Press Coffee + Crepes 

Press Coffee + Crepes is one of the favorite food hubs of locals and visitors to get their coffee fix and delicious meals from breakfast to dinner. They offer crepes ranging from sweet selections to savory ones. They are open for dine-in and take-out from 7 AM to 6 PM and close at 3 PM during weekends. 

Health center room at Children’s Museum of Alamance County in Graham, NC

4. Explore fun activities with your kids at the Children’s Museum of Alamance County

Children’s Museum of Alamance County is also another family-friendly venue where kids ages 12 and below can enjoy hands-on exhibits. They have several themed rooms designed to simulate real-life environments like cafes, dental offices, building zones, and science adventures

Forgotten Road Ales selection

5. Try brewery hopping around Alamance County’s best breweries

Graham and Alamance County is home to some of the best breweries. If you’re up for some adventure, why not try brewery hopping around the town’s popular breweries like Forgotten Road Ales, Red Oak Brewery, and Bright Penny Brewing

Graham Cinema in Graham, NC

6. Let your kids experience the old school cinema at Graham Cinema

Due to online streaming platforms, many kids today don’t know the fun and thrill of watching movies in a cinema. Bring your childhood stories to life by sharing the same experience with your kids at Graham Cinema. Check out their movie times here.

Mr. B’s Pumpkin Patch in Graham, NC

7. Be Halloween-ready and visit Mr. B’s Pumpkin Patch

Surprise your kids with some huge pumpkins in preparation for Halloween this November at Mr. B’s Pumpkin Patch. They have animals and maze attractions for families to enjoy. Check them out before you run out of pumpkins to carve for the upcoming spooky season.

Kids playing with farm animals at the Reverence Farms, Graham, NC

8. Enjoy some outdoor farm time at Reverence Farms

If you and your family are looking for some change in scenery, a farm tour is one of the best things to do in Graham, NC, that promotes some digital detox. Relax your eyes by staring at the green vegetable gardens of Reverence Farms and let your kids play with some farm animals.

Visitors at Terrastay enjoying a quick chat around a bonfire.

9. Experience a night at a cottage in Terrastay Farm

Terrastay Farm provides a cottage and farm experience for those who want to immerse themselves in farm life. It has a good location with convenient access to the nearest hiking trails and river access for hiking and kayaking adventures. You may check out their services here.  

10. Indulge in a relaxing and filling dinner at Smokehouse at Steve’s

After a day of touring around town with your family, reward yourselves with a filling dinner before heading home. Smokehouse at Steve’s offers smoked and savory grilled meat that will melt in your mouth in every bite. They also offer a kid’s menu and desserts to complete your dining experience.

Graham city is the gem of Alamance County. It provides a laid-back environment without lacking on the commercial scene. We’re excited to see you and your family around town.

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