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Resources in Graham, NC

People living in Graham, North Carolina, will agree that this is a place you can experience the sparse suburban feel. Many visitors and residents have tons of resources in Graham, NC, from enjoying the proximity to natural landscapes to visiting notable commercial locations and historic downtown.

As reliable family dentistry in Graham, NC, Rose Family Dentistry is committed to improving the lives of our customers in every way possible. Hence, we considered it thoughtful to share the charm, resources, and fun places to explore in the city with your family in this short guide.

History of Graham, NC

Graham, North Carolina, has a fascinating history around its origin. In the early 1800s, the residents of Orange County thought that it was too large and resolved to split it in two, creating Alamance County where Graham is located.

Graham began as a small settlement close to the Haw River. It served as a tactical solution to transportation difficulties for the early North Carolinians across the river to Hillsborough back in the day.

Graham, NC, got its name from a North Carolina governor and United States senator William Alexander Graham. It became a town in 1851 and was incorporated as a city in 1961. Today, this little city, known as the epicenter of economic development in Alamance County, has many unique nature parks and fun things to do.

Things to do in Graham, NC

Learn more at the Alamance Arts Center

Alamance Arts Center in Graham, NC

Located in the historic Captain White House, Alamance Arts Center, the artistic hub of Alamance County is home to crafts and great art pieces from local, regional, and international artists. In this facility, you’ll also find Picasso’s gift shop with unique and reasonably priced garden art, glassworks, jewelry, ceramics, artistic gifts, and more.

The center hosts art shows and community events that help shape Alamance County’s cultural identity. It also features several art groups open to the public, including jazz band, artisans guild, writers club, photography club, and children’s theater. Check out the exhibits and upcoming events and see things differently through incredible art pieces. We encourage the use of a face mask when visiting this facility.

Get inspired at the Children’s Museum of Alamance County

Children's Museum of Alamance County

Next to the artistic hub of Alamance County is the Graham Art Park, with exciting public art leading to the Alamance County Children’s Museum next door. Although the exhibits in this facility are geared towards children, they are fun for people of all ages. Current exhibitions include science adventures, building zones, dental offices, artists’ workshops, and cafes.

Explore the Graham Historical Museum

Graham Historical Museum

Built in 1911, this facility was once used as a courtroom, firehouse, police department, town hall, and even a small prison. But today, it is a local museum that offers residents and visitors an enjoyable and nostalgic trip back in time with artifacts and finds. Don’t miss out on this unusual museum. And don’t forget to put on your face mask as it is a requirement for entry into the museum.

Visit the Cedarock Park

Cedarock Park Graham NC

Established in 1975 and located outside of Graham, NC, the Cedarock Park is home to several local events and outdoor activities throughout the year. With over 500 acres, the park is a perfect spot for horse riding, hiking, golfing, a quiet afternoon stroll, or a picnic.

Explore the Graham Regional Park

Graham Regional Park

Looking to burn off calories, get in shape, or explore great outdoor activities in Graham, NC? This 17.3-acres park has workout equipment, climbing boulders, swings, trails, zip lines, and open spaces for recreational activities. That makes it a perfect spot for visitors and residents of all ages to enjoy a day in the sun.

See a movie at the Graham Cinema

Graham Cinema

This old-fashioned cinema is notably different from corporate cinemas popular today. It focuses on inexpensive entertainment with reasonably priced food and tickets for the whole family. Check out their movie times and enjoy the thrill and fun of watching the latest big-screen hits in a cinema with your kids.

Explore the Historic Linwood Cemetery

Historic Linwood Cemetery in Graham, NC

If you like historic cemeteries, you should visit the Historic Linwood Cemetery. The cemetery is incredibly peaceful and well-kept. Here, you’ll find a lot of old graves that date back to the 1800s, including those of the governors buried on these grounds. There are also readable headstones that contain interesting messages of those they commemorate. Locals believe the cemetery to be haunted so keep an eye out for passing ghosts.

Smokehouse at Steve’s

Smokehouse at Steve's

Stop by Smokehouse at Steve’s to reward yourself and your family with a delicious and relaxing meal after a day of touring around the city. This BBQ spot offers desserts, a kids’ menu, savory grilled and smoked meat to complete your dining experience.

Fitzgerald & Faulkner

Fitzgerald & Faulkner in Graham, NC

After a filling and relaxing dinner at the Smokehouse, why not end your day with a unique cocktail before you head back home? Just an 8-minute walk from the Smokehouse (via W Harden St.), the Fitzgerald & Faulkner bar offers guests refreshing cocktails in a comfortable ambiance.

Living in Graham, NC

The city of Graham has a cool and quirky suburban feel, and most of the residents own their homes and lead fun and quiet lives. In terms of facilities, there are several colleges and universities, dental practices, hospitals, museums, parks, restaurants, and nightspots in the area.


Now that you know the resources in the city, you can experience its natural adventure parks, patronize businesses, and purchase services in Graham, NC.

Rose Family Dentistry provides general dentistry, cosmetic treatments, dental implants, and more to residents in Graham, NC. We are client-focused, use advanced equipment, and follow the highest industry standards to provide high-quality care. Contact us today for affordable, high-quality dental care in Graham, NC.

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