Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before They Expire in 2022

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Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire in 2022

If you have a dental insurance plan and haven’t been to our Graham dentist lately, now is the time to get caught up on your to-do list and take full advantage of your dental benefits. Did you know that your dental insurance policy allocates certain “benefits” to you every year and that you can lose them if you don’t use them? This means that your dental benefits will not roll over to the following year, and you’ll lose them if you don’t use them by December 31st.

You paid for these benefits, so why let them fall by the wayside and watch your hard-earned money go to waste when you can maximize them to improve your smile and overall health? Let us help you make the most of your dental benefits to maximize your dental hygiene and get you the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted before the end of the year gets here.

Understanding a dental insurance plan

First, it is important to know what your dental benefits are and fully understand your dental insurance policy to learn how it works so you can maximize the benefits before they expire. To help you better understand your dental insurance plan, we’ve broken it down for you in the section below.

Dental benefits

Your dental benefits (also known as a dental plan) are part of a dental insurance policy designed to cover part of your dental treatment costs. Your dental plan comes with a benefit period that typically runs from the first day of the year to the last (i.e., from January 1st to December 31st).

During the benefit period, your dental insurance policy will pay for a certain percentage of your dental care costs, up to a specific dollar amount. You may be wondering: what happens if you fail to use up all the benefits your insurance policy allotted you for the year? They will expire when the year ends, and you will lose them all as they will not roll over to the next year.

Annual benefits limitations (yearly maximum)

Every dental plan has annual benefit limitations, also known as yearly maximum. The yearly maximum is the maximum amount of money your insurance policy will pay for your dental treatments in a given year.

Annual benefits limitations vary depending on your policy’s specifics and usually fall between $1,000 – $2,000. Your insurance company will use the “dental dollar” accrued in your yearly maximum to pay for your dental treatments.

For instance, your dental plan may have an annual maximum of $2,000 and covers 80% of restorative dental care costs. If you received root canal and dental filling services in March, costing $1,150, then your policy pays $920 for your treatment. This leaves you with a balance of $1,080 in your annual maximum.

Unfortunately, annual maximums do not roll over to the following year, so you will lose your remaining “dental dollars” if you don’t use them up before they expire on December 31st, 2022. In addition, if you own a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, you may also lose the money accrued in these accounts when they expire at the end of the year. Don’t despair though; we are here to help you maximize your dental benefits with our affordable and high-quality dental services, ensuring your hard-earned money does not go to waste.

Dental plans vary, and your dental insurance provider has a benefits breakdown that you can check to understand your exact policy. Our team at Rose Family Dentistry will also confirm your benefits and help you understand the details. However, the most important thing to remember is to use your benefits before it’s too late.

Use your dental benefits for routine cleanings and dental checkups

You might wonder why you should see your Graham dentist when you have no dental issues bothering you. Your dental benefits aren’t just for fixing your dental problems. They’re also for spotting dental issues and preventing them before they begin.

Most dental insurances cover 100% of dental X-rays, intraoral exams, and professional dental cleanings up to two times per year. Scheduling an appointment with us for bi-annual dental checkups and cleanings will help prevent dental problems and keep your oral health in tip-top shape.

Prevent emergencies and save money on dental insurance

Sometimes, the need to visit your dentist for dental treatment may not be so obvious. Since dental problems do not always cause significant pain or discomfort, we sometimes wait for them to become obvious before seeing a dentist. While this may seem logical, postponing dental care is not always the best for oral health. That is because the issue may result in a serious and costly concern that requires complex procedures to fix.

Thankfully, serious dental problems are largely preventable, and we can spot them early and provide treatments when they’re cheap and easy to fix. All you need to do is to visit us and use your dental benefits for your dental checkups. You can also save money and fix your teeth by scheduling that dental restorative service you’ve been postponing instead of coming out of pocket for all your treatment costs.

If you require extensive procedures or your yearly maximum is running low, you can work with Dr. Rose to split up your treatment so that your remaining dental benefits will cover some procedures. Dr. Rose will also help you plan ahead so you can use next year’s benefits for the rest of your treatment.

Avoid future increases in dental care costs

The latest consumer pricing index shows an increase in dental care costs due to rising inflation. Even worse, dental care prices will continue to rise as we expect a more significant increase in medical plan costs in 2023. Thankfully, planning your recommended treatments out before your plan expires is an excellent way to be budget savvy.

Maximize your dental benefits with Rose Family Dentistry dental services in Graham, NC

Avoid the rush: schedule your dental appointment today!

Your dental benefits don’t have to fall by the wayside. However, end-of-the-year appointments fill up quickly, especially during the holidays when everyone is trying to maximize their benefits. Fortunately, we have limited appointments available to accommodate your dental care needs.

Schedule an appointment with us today to make the best use of your dental benefits in Graham, NC. We’ll be glad to receive you!

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